Why the Criminal Justice System Fails Today

Men are beings fixated on logic. Women are emotional creatures. Men are natural prosecutors. They can build a case of evidence based on facts and they have a knack for continually drawing attention to those facts. Women are natural defendants. Their talents are at throwing sand in people’s faces, pulling on the jury’s heartstrings and using forceful argument to distract one from the evidence at hand. As usual, we’ve got it all wrong. We managed to get the courtroom roles backwards when it comes to criminal cases.
Men, always over-confident and perpetually in search of greater independence, naturally gravitate towards the business of defense. Women, obsessed with conformity and institutional acceptance (and subsidized by government quotas), more often than not fill prosecutors’ offices. And all of this is unnatural, considering the respective skills of men and women. We have female prosecutors building a case on a pile of mud, appealing to the jury’s sense of justice and craving for revenge. We have male defense attorneys, unable to build a case to prove innocence beyond a reasonable doubt (defense shouldn’t have to prove anything) falling back on their “men’s code” model of plea bargains and backroom deals in exchange for clients shelling out more cash as a penalty. The prosecution is a bully pulpit, while the defense is formulaic. This is why so many innocent people go to prison. If we had more male prosecutors and more female defense attorneys, our judicial system would be more efficient.