Crazy People Can’t Differentiate Between Art and Written Communication

This is a simple concept. Written words are literal forms of communication used for giving instructions, asking questions or conveying ideas. Pictures and statues are visual art forms used to make something look pretty or interesting. Typically art hangs on walls or sits on a horizontal surface. I know this is obvious to sane people. But to a crazy person, this is perplexing. Lunatics regularly get the two confused so that written words are hung on walls or placed on mantels whilst graphic images are used for communication. For example, a sane person wishing to convey the importance of family in her life might have a framed family photo on her wall. A mad woman will be more literal about it by having the word “Family” hung on the wall instead of a picture. It is just as common to see words like “Love” or “Happiness” or even whole phrases like, “Do something every day that makes you happy”. The problem with this is that words are not pretty or decorative. They are functional. Visual art is meant to be illiterate and more abstract in the hopes that the art itself will be able to express its intentions to the person looking at it. Likewise, an example from the other point is that a sane person who is angry at someone else might tell them in a letter, electronic mail or visual-text mobile phone message using words and sentences. They will articulate their message as clearly as they are able, possibly even citing examples to make a case that justifies their feelings. In short, the message will be clear and easily-understood by the recipient. But a crazy person in this latter case will communicate their anger by transmitting via mobile phone an image of a frowning cartoon face or a pile of dog excrement. Because there was no explanation using words, the message might not have been clearly understood y the recipient. Is the image meant to be humorous? Is the sender only mildly irritated yet forgiving, hence the cartoons? Or is the sender furious? And if so, why? Lunatics today want to return to a cave-painting form of writing that combines art and communication.

The conclusion here is that crazy people childishly view the written word as something to be revered and prominently displayed. To them, pictures are functional forms of communication.