Lunatics Love Social Media

Yes, having an account on the electronic-based, social-meeting communication storage unit called “Facebook” doesn’t automatically imply that someone is crazy or delusional. However, it is equally true that all crazy and delusion people are enthusiastic and active participants on the Facebook. For these purposes we have to exclude celebrities (and “celebrities”) and even politicians from this criterion for judging someone’s level of insanity. This is because being constantly “out there” promoting themselves is, in a way, a part of the job of these actors and performers. But the relentless Facebook postings by ordinary folks in the middle of America are unnecessary to the point of terrifying. According to my research, 100% of lunatics have at least one account on the Facebook. The top inane Facebook postings by the mad are 1) the mention of what was just baked or cooked, 2) an affirmation or assessment of how great one’s own life is, 3) a political imitative poster as satire, 4) a self-taken photograph (indicative of having a good time and yet still having no friends available to hold the camera), 5) a cryptic statement that is unexplained or given no context.

Here is a hypothetical experiment: Find the most active participant on the Facebook or the Twitter that you know who is not famous and spend a day or two with them. Chances are you’ll get nowhere, because they will never leave their apartment. Yet in that time, you and their other 1,000 or so “friends” will likely see multiple updates on their exciting life.