Everyone Needs to Speak Slower

I listened to my first iPod Broadcast last week. I’m sure it was funny, but the host and guests spoke so quickly that I couldn’t understand anything anyone was saying. I had to set the audio control to one-half speed just to makes sense of it. Why do people talk so quickly today? Television is just as bad; especially the 24-hour press broadcasters. Political scientists are the worst, followed by hosts and entertainers on motion-picture video programs put forward on information-storage computers through the collective of connected computers with communication capacity. Then there are the radio program hosts on both amplitude and frequency-modulation methods of broadcasting. Some studies show that speech over the past 15 years is up from 135 words per minute to 170 words per minute. I hate it. We need to reverse that. Get it down to 30 words per minute. And by 30 words per minute, I mean people also need to shut their mouths and say less in addition to speaking slowly. I’m sick of listening to people’s voices. Speak loudly, clearly and slowly. Use a thesaurus once in a while. Stop with the “like” and the “y’know” during every pause.

Have you ever slowed the audio down on fast talkers? When you do, they sound drunk or at least medicated. It seems that there is clearly something wrong with them. Normal-speaking people have no downward inflections in their tones or grogginess when you slow them down. What does this mean? Are all fast talkers medicated? Or are their brains just exhausted or too lazy to do things correctly? I’m sure political experts talk quickly because they are spouting off nonsense. They have to get as much out as possible before they are interrupted. It is their profession to dominate a conversation to keep it under control.

Just to keep from falling into the trap of speaking quickly myself, I now listen to all iPod Broadcasts in slow motion. It helps me to speak slowly. Smiling when I talk also helps me to speak slower.