The Writer

I come from a line of fierce old Tories. I’m also a grandfather and a Texan going back five generations.

Although I have always supported civil and scientific progress, I nevertheless feel that anything else worth preserving in American culture died in the 1960s. I’m talking about manners, style and the simple things in life. There is no more art. There is no more music. There is no more literature. Worst of all, everyone acts like an idiot. There is no more dignity or class.

We used to have real people. We used to think things rather than “feel” them. Both men and women were tough as nails and women were doers. Our upper classes flew combat missions and our laboring classes worked hard while holding their heads high. No one trusted preachers or politicians. But we all listened to them, before and after (but never while) conducting our important business. As for the present day, I think the opposite of everything I just said holds true.

In the end I suppose I’m just another grouchy old man complaining about the way things are. But this is how I see it. I made this site for your enjoyment; so please do enjoy. And hopefully you will get something useful out of it for yourself.